Boring winter  


 Iīm sitting in my office

when I look out of the window

I see snow falling down

I hate this fucking winter

 leaving my warm office

walking out in the cold

canīt find my car in the parking lot

itīs covered with snow and ice

 I just wanna get outta here

away from this cold place

a beach in Jamaica

thatīs where I wanna be


boring winter

sunshine is what I want

boring winter

a lady in my arms a drink in my hand


now Iīm on the Highway

at 200 miles īn hour

the airport is not far away

I hope Iīll get a flight today

lying on the beach all day

in the warm caribbean sun

surrounded by pretty ladies

oh yeah, that would be fun 


Barbados, Virgin Islands

Trinidad, Tobago

Haiti and Martinique