Tres Marias Biography 


Steve, Steve and Juan spent the first 5 years of their life with their families in the

"Barrio Guerrero", a ghetto located in Mexico City.

Their parents played in a Mariachi group and always took their kids along to the gigs.

While the parents stood on stage, the kids sold self-made fireworks to American tourists 

for the extra buck.

As it became more and more dangerous to live in Mexico due to gang wars, and Mariachi

music was no means to make big money, they decided to emigrate to the United States,

hoping to earn more and live a better life.

They found their savior in "Truth or Consequences", New Mexico USA, a paradise for senior 

citizens and pensioners. Originally, the little town was called "Hot Springs".

In 1950, however, it was decided to rename the city to the name of a radio and TV show

called "Truth or Consequences".

At first, Steve, Steve and Juan lived with their families in a trailer park on the outskirts 

of the city. Once their parents had made enough money, they bought a little farm located 

in the Hagen Street in "Truth or Consequences".

Steve, Steve and Juan had settled down fast and made new friends. They first visited

the "Truth or Consequences Elementary school", after that, the "Truth or Consequences

Middle school" and finally the "Hot Springs High".

With a successful High school graduation under their belts, they first wanted to take some

time out and cruise across the USA in their 1963 Chevrolet Impala. Somewhere between

"Elephant Butte" and "Carrizozo", the car broke down - in the middle of nowhere.

As there was no help in sight, they decided to make their way across the wastelands.

They wandered through the "Jornada del Muerto" desert for days without water.

Unfortunately, they fell prey to the remaining radioactivity, dating back to the first

Nuclear Bomb (Trinity), which was ignited on July 16th 1945.

Since then they are like they are now.

During the arduous walk in the desert, an idea came to mind: They decided to form a band

to deliver their music to the world. All that was missing was a band name and a few songs.

Almost kicking the bucket due to lack of water, they reached the only gas station for miles,

managed by their presumed dead cousin Don Diego Maria de la Vega.

They purchased a 2 gallon bottle of “Tres Marias” wine and thus named the band after this

so very important drink.

Steve, Steve and Juan asked their cousin if he would like to join them, travelling the country,

playing music. And so he quit his job and joined the band.

When they returned from the "Jornada del Muerto" desert, they first studied agriculture at

the New Mexico State University in Las Cruces, in order to then use the newly acquired

knowledge and support their parents with the work on the farm. After that, they would

concentrate on music.

Shortly after finishing university, they took over the farm of their parents. They set up

an illegal Burrito plantation - from the Burritos sales they bought proper instruments

and amps.

Within a short period of time, they had written some songs and created a stage list.

The music is simply a part of them. They have learned all about it from their parents.

Most of the song lyrics are based on personal experiences. As they did not want to compete

with their own parents with their music, they chose to make Punk Rock music rather than


They get their inspiration from bands like "The Ramones", "The Soul Invaders" and "Misfits",

just to mention a few.

One day, they saw a TV show about the music scene in Hagen, Westphalia in Germany, and

they learned that Punk Rock is a big thing over there. They thought it to be amusing that

there is a city in Germany named after the street they had their farm located in.

After the show, they had made up their mind and decided to move to Hagen in Germany and

spread their music in the "Old World".

Steve, Steve, Don Diego and Juan grabbed their instruments and traveled (as stowaways on an oil-tanker)

to Europe. Upon arrival at the Hamburg harbor, they hitchhiked the rest of the way to Hagen in 


And this is where the story of the "Tres Marias" continues. Or does it only begin here?


Aat aat aat......;-)


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