Mexican Psycho  


day after day working at the mexican diner

selling tacos, burritos and chili

Iīm always terribly nice to everybody

I wouldnīt hurt a fly

but always when itīs a children birthday party 

she comes here again and stares at me

that pisses me off

I canīt stand it any longer

the monster inside me awakes


Iīm a mexican psycho

I have a dark secret


I must do it again

I grab a baseball bat and a knife

and go up to her

she doesnīt stop grinning and staring at me

 then I canīt hold it back

she doesnīt resist

I slit her throat and disembowel her

I hit her head with the baseball bat


Iīm a mexican psycho

I have a dark secret


the kids are screaming

my hunger is satisfied

candy is spread all over the place

the pinata has been torn to pieces


Iīm a mexican psycho

Iīm the pinata killer

Pinata Killer.....